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Christmas gifts – enchant with jewelry

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As a Christmas gift, jewelry is always a wonderful idea. A pair of shiny earrings for your mother, a bracelet as a gift for your girlfriend or a romantic necklace for your partner. Jewelry at Christmas provides a few unforgettable moments under the Christmas tree. Because with jewelry you give the wonderful Christmas season even more magic. 

Let the hearts of your loved ones beat faster – with a beautiful and sparkling piece of jewelry under the Christmas tree. With us you will find a wide selection of high quality jewelry with which you will arouse enthusiasm at Christmas.

Give love as a Christmas gift with real gold jewelry

Jewelry for Christmas is more than just a beautiful gift. When you give jewelry as a Christmas gift, you are expressing your love and affection. High quality jewelry made of real gold, like a yellow gold necklace or rose gold earrings, is a beautiful token of your appreciation.

High quality jewelry as a Christmas gift for women is always a safe choice. You can bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face with a well-chosen piece of jewelry. There are many ways to please with jewelry as a Christmas gift. But how do you choose the right piece of jewelry?

Christmas gift for women: the right jewelry gift for every taste 

At VIVA you will find a wide selection of beautiful jewelry that can become a special highlight under the Christmas tree. A matching piece of jewelry is the perfect Christmas gift for women. To make your sweetheart shine, choose as a Christmas gift jewelry that perfectly suits her. Get inspired here to choose the right piece of jewelry. 

Our high-quality bracelets, for example, are both classy and casual. They are suitable as a gift for a girlfriend as well as for a daughter or sister. The sparkling details made of real gold give each of the bracelets its own character. They combine luxury and modernity in a beautiful way. This makes them the perfect Christmas gift for women who love refreshing, fashion-conscious jewelry.

On the other hand, a sparkling pendant is the perfect gift for women who likes things more classic. You can make your partner shine with our “sparkle” pendant. But you also can’t go wrong with a classic pearl pendant for your grandma or an “Infinity” pendant for your mom.

An extravagant Christmas gift is jewelry in the form of rings. Rings are considered to be particularly romantic and are therefore the perfect gift for a woman to whom you want to show your love. For example, choose a very classic pearl ring or a detailed “Spirit Perl” ring.

Just like rings, earrings also enchant as a jewelry gift for Christmas. How about some earrings with diamonds as a token of your appreciation? 

With our many different necklaces you also have a wonderful Christmas gift for every woman. Because here is something suitable for every taste. Necklaces with diamonds are the perfect Christmas gift for women who like extravagant jewelry. For a woman who prefers classic and simple, the perfect Christmas gift is jewelry in the form of a white gold necklace for ladies or in form of yellow gold earrings.

Just as important as choosing the right piece of jewelry for Christmas, is choosing the right material. With the right choice you`re giving not only jewelry at Christmas, but also unique moments of happiness.

Christmas gifts – yellow gold jewelry

As a Christmas gift, jewelry made of yellow gold is a wonderful idea. Because these sparkling pieces of jewelry inspire with their warm radiance. So you bring a ray of hope in the cool season and provide heartwarming joy under the Christmas tree.

A Christmas gift of jewelry in yellow gold is also timeless, classic and modern at the same time. Such a magnificent piece of jewelry testifies to exclusivity and taste.

Christmas gifts – rose gold jewelry 

Rose gold is the perfect alternative to classic jewelry. When you give rose gold jewelry as a Christmas gift, you highlight the special. Because our rose gold jewelry is both – elegant and a bit unusual. Perfect for those who love the unusual. With the soft pink shimmer rose gold jewelry enchants every woman at Christmas.

Christmas gifts – white gold jewelry

As a Christmas gift, jewelry made of white gold convinces every woman because of its cool elegance. Such jewelry is a real eye-catcher and a sparkling highlight to any outfit. With jewelry made of white gold from beviva.com you wrap your Christmas in a very special glamor. 

Christmas gifts – jewelry with pearls and diamonds

Your Christmas gift will be unforgettable with jewelry made of real pearls or sparkling diamonds. Because these sparkling and shimmering pieces of jewelry know how to warm the heart of a woman. Just like you, when you choose such a high quality jewelry gift for Christmas.

A noble Christmas gift – jewelry from VIVA convinces with quality 

As a Christmas gift, jewelry with a high quality is best received. All jewelry from VIVA therefore combine excellent quality with the best wearing comfort.

Our gold jewelry consists exclusively of recycled real gold. Likewise, you get only certified diamonds and handpicked pearls. To convince you of the high quality of your jewelry, we enclose a certificate of authenticity. 

Each piece of jewelry is lovingly handcrafted. Attention to detail is the key to creating a unique and valuable piece of jewelry.

Sustainability is just as important to us in the manufacturing process. After all, your jewelry gift at Christmas should provide pure joy without a guilty conscience. Therefore, we pay special attention to the resource-saving use of energy. We also take care of the world of tomorrow with short delivery routes and sustainable raw materials.

The perfect Christmas gift – order jewelry conveniently online

Order your jewelry gifts easily and conveniently online at beviva.com and benefit from numerous shopping advantages.

This includes fast and reliable delivery. In two to three business days, you can hold your Christmas gift of jewelry in your hands. So even last-minute buyers can still put a stunning gift for their loved ones under the tree on Christmas Day. Moreover, if you spend more than 100 euros, you won’t have to pay any shipping costs.

For even more joy, your Christmas gift will be packed in a box for jewelry, which not only protects the jewelry, but also looks elegant. The high-quality and sustainably produced box is the perfect storage for your unforgettable gift.