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High quality jewelry: what makes it special?

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High-quality jewelry conveys elegance, value and luxury. It impresses with its longevity and often accompanies us for years. High-quality gold jewelry is even passed down through generations, and gemstone jewelry often has a high collector’s value. Buying high-quality jewelry can therefore be an attractive investment. It differs from costume jewelry in terms of material, workmanship and finishing. Of course, the quality also has its price. However, anyone who has ever bought high-quality jewelry knows that this investment is worth it. The outstanding properties and long service life quickly pay for themselves.

But what is high-quality jewelry, what distinguishes it from costume jewelry and how can you recognize it? We will answer these questions for you in the following article.

What kind of material is high quality jewelry made of?

Different from costume jewelry, high quality jewelry is made of precious metal alloys. This is a mixture of different metals. Among the most popular are silver, gold and platinum. Gold also shows up in different colors such as yellow gold or rose gold for jewelry. Of course, with high-quality gold jewelry and Co. the proportion of the respective precious metal and thus the purity is high. High-quality jewelry therefore never consists of gold plating, where only the surface is covered with a touch of gold.

But why is the real jewelry made of alloy? First and foremost, this is for hardness and robustness. Fine gold would be much too soft to be worn in everyday life. The composition makes the material suitable for everyday wear. In addition, the mixture has an influence on the color. In rose gold, a certain amount of copper is added to the fine gold, which gives the jewelry its characteristic nostalgic look. Cool white gold jewelry is combined with silver, platinum or palladium.

Information about the fineness of a gold alloy and the high-quality gold jewelry is provided by the marking as a stamp in the material. The imprint “375 gold” shows you that 375 of 1,000 parts consist of gold. Depending on the color nuance, the other proportions such as silver or copper of the high-quality jewelry vary.

In Germany, the following gold alloys are common for high quality jewelry that you can buy:

750 gold (18 carat) = 75% fine gold and 25% silver/copper

585 gold (14 carat) = 58.5% fine gold and 41.5% silver/copper

375 gold (9 carat) = 37.5% fine gold and 62.5% silver/copper/zinc/tin

The exception is 333 gold (8 carat) with a 33.3% fine gold and 66.7% silver/copper/palladium/platinum/nickel content. By law, this variety cannot call itself gold jewelry because the gold content is too low. The minimum fine gold content of high quality gold jewelry in this country is 37.5% fine gold. High-quality jewelry made of silver always bears the stamp 925.

Good to know: You buy our high quality jewelry with 14 carat.

How is high-quality jewelry refined?

High-quality jewelry has an impressive aura in itself and has captivated people for many millennia. In the manufacture of jewelry, the alloy is liquefied and shaped into the desired form. Afterwards, the material can be processed in many ways. Among the most popular refinements are gemstones, which include diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, as well as pearls. Diamonds are among the most popular stones, closely followed by pearls. Diamonds come in different cuts, colors, clarities and carats. Pearls are divided into Tahiti cultured pearls, South Sea cultured pearls and freshwater cultured pearls. How to recognize real diamonds and pearls, you can read in our other articles.

In our collections of high quality gemstone jewelry, we even combine brilliant cut diamonds with real pearls.

What are the advantages of high quality jewelry?

High-quality genuine jewelry always consists of an alloy, mostly genuine gemstones – rarely zirconia – and genuine pearls. It does not tarnish and can be repaired if necessary. In addition, it can be adjusted in size. The wide range of color variations from yellow gold to red gold to white gold, gray gold or platinum is also impressive. High-quality jewelry is timeless. Costume jewelry, on the other hand, is usually subject to a temporary trend.

When to wear high quality gemstone jewelry?

Depending on the piece of jewelry, you can wear high-quality jewelry for any occasion. Whether with an elegant evening dress at a gala or with a business outfit in everyday life, high-quality jewelry gives you the right glamor everywhere. But there are also some models that are reserved for special occasions. Here to mention is the engagement ring or wedding ring.

Is high quality jewelry better to wear?

Precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum are said to be highly biocompatible. Therefore, these pieces of jewelry are generally well tolerated without causing skin irritations or allergies. Incidentally, the same also applies to high-quality stainless steel jewelry such as titanium. Problems with compatibility can usually only occur if nickel is added to the alloy. Of course, all of our high-quality jewelry is 100% nickel-free.

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