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5% Rabatt mit “VIVA5”

Kostenlose Lieferung     •     5% Rabatt mit “VIVA5” – gilt auch für bereits reduzierte Artikel

About Viva

VIVA means life

At VIVA, we believe every day holds the possibility for adventure!

As a jewelry and accessories brand, our focus is on creating beautiful, high quality products to accompany you on your adventures, both big and small.

Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. We use only recycled gold, certified diamonds, and handpicked pearls. Our products boast unique finishes and every design is tested for long term comfort.

We offer everything from earrings and rings to necklaces and lifestyle accessories. With pieces in white, yellow, and rose gold, we are sure to have something to make the most beautiful moments in your life a little more wonderful!

In addition to quality and an obsessive attention to detail, social responsibility is a top priority. Our entire production process has been built around minimizing our footprint on the planet and making sure all stakeholders are treated fairly.

We work exclusively with certified partners and our products are created one hundred percent in the old German “Gold City” of Pforzheim in Baden-Württemberg. We are proud to have served our customers nothing but the highest quality since 1963.

At VIVA, design meets adventure – The perfect symbiosis for the independent, responsible, trailblazers of the 21st century.

VIVA means Together

At VIVA, we work hand-in-hand to offer beautiful design, the highest quality, and prompt delivery.

Do you have questions about VIVA?

Feel free to get in touch with us below or use our contact form.