How can you recognize real diamonds? – We explain!

Did you know that a real diamond is formed deep below the earth’s surface? This requires extreme pressure and high temperatures. A real diamond is therefore a product of nature and is considered the oldest and hardest gemstone in the world. But how can you recognize real diamonds? For laymen, it is not so easy […]

Real gold jewelry that you will enjoy for a long time

Anyone who has ever worn real gold jewelry, knows the qualities of the material particularly appreciates. Real gold is durable, stable, robust and resistant. Its color is permanently preserved and real gold jewelry does not oxidize. “Oxidizing” means the so-called tarnishing of jewelry, which is the case with silver over time. The surface reacts with […]

How to recognize real pearls

How to recognize real pearls – how does it actually work? Did you know that pearl jewelry was already “in fashion” about 4300 years ago? Already the advanced civilizations in ancient Egypt knew about the beauty of real pearls. In other cultures, too, pearls had a great importance and so they survived generation after generation. At first, genuine […]

An unforgettable gift – with VIVA

Jewelry from VIVA makes an excellent gift for your loved ones. With VIVA you can express your love in a very special way.  Whether for an anniversary, a birthday or any other special occasion – with VIVA you will always find an unforgettable and unique highlight. With a necklace, pendant, earrings or ring from VIVA […]

The history of earrings

The history of earrings dates back to 3000-1200 BC. Already at that time Minoan cultures of the time wore body ornaments in the form of earrings. However, experts estimate that the history of earrings goes back much further. Earrings were also popular in ancient times and were already made of gold. In the Middle Ages, […]

Wearing your jewellery the right way 

In order for your VIVA jewelry to retain its beauty and uniqueness for as long as possible, there are a few useful tips for care. Do not wear your jewellery when playing sport, sunbathing, cleaning, or in the sauna. This is because sweat and dishwater can permanently damage the surface.  Protect your jewellery from contact […]

VIVA attaches great importance to sustainability!

In order to protect our planet, we not only focus on aesthetics and quality in our jewelry, we also focus on ethical and ecological tenability. For this reason, we produce in Germany, use only recycled gold (secondary gold) and take special care to protect our nature.

An insight into our production

In our production video we give you an insight into our production and accompany your piece of jewelry from your order to the delivery. All jewelry is handmade in our house for you. Our pearls are handpicked and we use certified diamonds. We attach great importance to quality, experience and sustainability. For this reason, we […]

The 4 Cs of diamonds

Each diamond is unique and must be evaluated individually. For this reason, the evaluation is carried out according to the international criteria. Worldwide, diamonds are classified according to the uniform system of 4Cs. Thus, the value of a diamond is not only determined by the carat number, but also depends on the cut, the clarity […]

Our model shoot

At VIVA we attach great importance to professionalism – not only in the production of our jewellery, but also in our photo shoots. In September 2020 our Model presented our different collections, now available on our online shop or at these selected retailers. We had a great day shooting and a had a lot of fun. In case […]